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Are labs right for your family?  
Labrador retrievers are athletic dogs.  They have thick, smooth fur that can be white, yellow, chocolate, or black.  They have a double coat which is waterproof.  That’s why they are such great hunting dogs.  Black labs used to be the favorite, but yellow and whites have now become the most popular.  These dogs are obedient, loyal, non-aggressive, intelligent, friendly, and responsive. They are great with children, other dogs and household pets.    They do need
plenty of excersice and TRAINING, so they need a family that can keep them active.  They are usually very hardy dogs, but some of their health issues can be hip dysplasia, arthritis, skin allergies, and PRA (Progressive Retinol Atrophy). However, quality bloodlines help reduce health risks.  

To err is human; to forgive, canine.

- Chomps McGee


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws Woofland


Life is ruff. Get a lab.

- Yours truly, Sandy Barkley 

My Favorite Quotes

From a labs point of Veiw

Sometimes being man’s best friend is a ruff gig. Training and caring for my humans is an arduous but rewarding process. I alone am responsible for ensuring they get their daily walks.  I never know when they might dare to run errands without me to protect them, or eat food without first using my keen nose to inspect it. They never acknowledge that a mere drizzle of my drool adds so much flavor. I feel that it’s wrong to keep such deliciousness to myself.